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The Putty with the
Permanently Elastic Properties

MANGANA Retaining Compound is a special putty we developed for sealing-up purposes in shipbuilding. In combination with our KVM Sealing Compound the permanently elastic MANGANA is optimal for sealing-up cable transits.

Beyond that, MANGANA putty is highly suitable for sealing cylinders, flanges, joint boxes, cable protecting pipes, etc. MANGANA putty is fire-resistant, does not drip and is not harmful to health.

Resistant to water, sea water, petroleum products, salt solutions and steam MANGANA has - withstanding temperatures from -30 °C to +150 °C also excellent adhesion to cables and metal. MANGANA is compatible with all types of cables used in shipbuilding.

MANGANA Retaining Compound can be applied readily and conveniently simply by hand. MANGANA is supplied in the form of handy bars wrapped in plastic foil.

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02. January 2017